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How to buy DRIP Crypto With FIAT — Newbie Guide

This is a complete guide to help you in getting started with buying Drip using FIAT currencies.
If you don’t have an exchange you will need to create one in order to exchange your Euros, USD etc into crypto.

You will also need a WEB3 wallet such as Meta Mask.
1. Firstly pick and exchange that sells BNB like Binance, Kucoin, Gate.io or FTX , just to name a few. (In our case we will use Gate.io).

2. Buy some BNB. (Buy extra BNB to leave in your wallet for gas fees for buying drip, adding a buddy referral address and adding drip into the faucet).

Withdraw your BNB to your favourite Web3 Wallet such as Meta Mask.
Use the same address that you will be using for your new DRIP account.

The address can be obtained in Meta Mask by clicking under the Account Name as highlighted in this image).

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