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the animal farm

Guys, if you’re into animal form, you have to use this website. This website is called Drip. Hyphen scan dot Netlify dot app. This is the homescreen right here guys. Now today we’re not gonna be talking about Drip community though, we’re going to be talking about the Animal Farm. As you guys know, the Animal Farm is launched by for a shark, one of the most successful developers and he’s the one that launched and also had to be so successful. And today we’re gonna be talking about a specific part of the enum from Kota to be USD guard garden. This right here, it is an essential part of what makes the most amount of gains on the MFI. It is a minor game that produces 1,095% APR on people that are using regardless, and it gives you the opportunity to harvest and compound and grow more and more.

 The seeds are what is called the plans is also drip slash b UST. Today, I’m going to be showing you how you can optimize your earnings, you can compound at the right time, and you can avoid losing seeds. So let’s get right into it. When you go to this website, you’re gonna click on garden scheduler, you’re going to click on Like I said, he put your address in there. And then it tells you exactly how much seeds you have grown. As you can see over here, it says I have 32 seeds that is accurate or to see. Now what you don’t see though, is how much cheese I would lose if I was to plant right now. As you can see over here it says I have the yellow bar meaning that it is time to so says you’re ready to solve that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to solve because sometimes, even though you’re just ready to solve Remember, these are just seeds you want to grow plants to plants are the ones that are going to get you most of the yield because the plants give you seeds and the seeds get you more plants, the plants are what’s going to get you the yield. 

So you need to make sure that you’re planting at the right time. So you guys understand the mechanics behind this we’re going to do first is you’re gonna put your contract address in here of course, it’s as simple as you go to Mass, click on copy, and you put it right here right tells you how much plants you have grown, make sure that it is equivalent, it should be equivalent to go over here to garden 32 plans 32 plants so everything is equivalent, even though it says yellow, meaning that I am ready to so if I was to so right now I will lose this much right here. And this is what I mean by that guys, if you look, let’s pull out a calculator that eluded shows says that if you add this, and this 641, two through five plus 1950745, you get this 2,592,000 This is the price for one plants, guys, one plants cost this much. Right now I have this many seeds harvested since my last two plants have been ready. So if I want to get the third plants, I have to wait five hours and 32 minutes right now it is 5:40pm. If I wait until 1113 Like it’s asking me to, then it should show up as zero right here. But if I wait until 1112, that will show up as

five 2,591,000. But some change, meaning that I will lose all of that money. I have one almost 2 million seeds accumulated. But if I was to set if I was to compound right now, I will lose it all because I need 2.5 million in order to be able to get a plant. If I was to wait even a second if I was to wait even a second guys, even a second before this next plant this see where it says five hours and 44 minutes. Right now it is five o’clock. It is 529. And I need to wait until 1113. To compound if I was to wait until 1112. To compound I will miss out on about 2,000,002 point 5 million seeds. But if I wait until 1114 that I don’t lose any seats at all. So guys, this is why it’s very important when you’re compounding use this website because it tells you when you’re when you’re doing it wrong when you’re doing it at the wrong time. And it’ll make sure that if you do it anywhere, even if it’s just a second before 1130. 

Guys, you will miss out on so much money all because you did it a little too early. So I don’t want you guys to go through that one of my friends, he compounded a little too early. He went from 750 to 619. The worth right here went down and I felt really badly for him. So I don’t want you guys to compound the wrong way. That’s why I’m giving you this information. I’m very grateful to Gregory in the comment section. He put this website in there and he showed me how this is done. I didn’t know this was a thing until today. But thanks to him, I can show this to you guys. So you guys don’t have to go through what my friend went through today. But here it is, guys. Make sure that you’re not losing any C’s. You have to wait until it has just harvested and then you put it in. So what you want to do is wait until this number is at zero a little bit above zero and it’s going to tell you at 1113 I have I want to be showing you how I put this in my calendar so that I’m alerted whenever 1113 so that I can. So my plans, so I have to wait and make sure that I am selling as soon as the next plan is available. That is why I have my phone available. So you guys can see exactly what I’m going to be doing in the next few minutes, I’m gonna go over to my calendar, I’m going to put in exactly what time I need. So right now, today’s February safe.

 I’m going to clip February 6, go to 1115, I’m going to live in 13 Actually definitely better idea 11 1311 going to click on Add on 1113. Okay, remember, if I do anything before 1113, I lose a lot of money. So what I’m going to do instead is I’m going to do it at 1113. And then around 1114, maybe less than 15. Just to be sure, I’m going to sell my seeds. So right now I’ve just made a new event, one is going to title it. So I’m going to say plants. Number three, instead of doing it every plant, I’m going to try to do it, maybe every other plant or every three plans. But at my you know price that my that might mean that we’ll have to wait about two to three days just to compound. But of course with more money, it’s going to take less days to compound. But that shows you exactly what I’m going to be doing plan three, I have my timer right there, I’m going to do the same thing for plant four, and five, probably going to skip or probably going to skip playing four because I wouldn’t want to harvest right after only one plant, because that’s probably going to waste gas fees. So what I’m going to do instead is I’m going to go over to remember eight, I want to go over add at 813. 

This is plant by, okay, exactly see at 813 8:13pm, the ad and now, Windows 8:13pm, I’m going to get an alert at the time of the event. Okay, at the time of the event, you don’t want to do five minutes before because then you might accidentally harvest and then lose everything. At the time of the event guys. Same here on November 6, I want to set an alarm or an alert at the time of the event. Exactly so that I get a little alarm or something, something to remind me to re compound. And that is exactly how it was done, guys, as you can see on the Animal Farm. It is such a great network. But unfortunately, it there’s so much behind the scenes that you have, you don’t see unless you actually have apps websites like this garden that tell you the full nitty gritty. And so I’m very grateful to Gregory, thank you for showing me this website, I’m going to be utilizing it to make my compounds and maximize my profits while minimizing my bio seeds that lost especially also. So make sure that I’m combining the right times and save gas fees

rather than come out in way too often. And it’s been a lot of gas fee. So this is the most effective website right here. The whole point is that you want to make sure that this number right here, whenever you’re ready to plant, you want to make sure that it is just above zero, just above zero, so maybe it’ll be like 20 3040, that is the perfect time guys to harvest. Perfect time to harvest is when this number is not negative 1 million, but instead of one is around maybe a couple, let’s say a couple 100 or a little less than that, of course you want to try to get as close to zero as possible. And then overtime after you’ve accumulated so many plants, you can choose to take some harvest some seeds, and then put it into the pig pen. Of course, it’s not just as simple as putting into the preprint because it’s drippy ust pen requires you to put pigs in there. So you have to find a way to turn to drip USD to pig pen, or sorry to pigs. And then you can put it in here. It’s pretty simple. If you need help doing it. I have a video and description. I’m gonna put it right up here. I have a video showing you just how to turn that drip USD to pig. 

So if you need help, you can check out that video. And I’m going to put it right up here. And if I don’t, you can ask me in the comment section I reply to every single comment. I’m always available. I love hearing your guys’s feedback. I’ve loved everything going so much. And you guys have been sharing your thoughts in a respectful manner. Nobody’s hating on me nobody’s you know, sharing any negative. You know, I guess comments. It’s been very, it’s been an awesome experience guy who just hit 200 subscribers and I am so thankful guys. I love how this is going. 

I’m so excited to grow this more and more and more. Guys, please, if you’ve been on this journey with me, you know that I’m looking forward to financial freedom someday so I would appreciate it if you helped me out. By using my referral link, I get a 5% bonus if you go on a trip garden, I get a 3% bonus if you go into the dogs farms, so I would appreciate it if you use my my own for a bonus. The links in the description of course I have another referral bonus with your community. If you’re not entered community by now you can always use my buddy link in the description right here. And then You can copy it, put it right here and then deposit and then you can get I can get a referral from your deposit so I appreciate you guys watching this video. Thank you for tuning in once again if you enjoyed this video if you got some value show some love and appreciation by hitting that like subscribe notification bow. I’ll catch on the next one peac

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